How to avoid or at least temper the sugar highs of the holidays.

It’s official!! The holidays are here although the retail stores were proclaiming this about 2 months ago. It marks a time to eat and be merry. November is American Diabetes Month, so I thought it fitting to give some pointers on how to avoid the inevitable (for many) sugar highs from the holiday meals. Enjoy and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

1. Use a smaller plate if you can for your Thanksgiving and holiday meals.
2. Eat your protein and vegetables first.
3. If you are really looking forward to dessert, bypass the sides (mac & cheese, stuffing, rice, potatoes, etc.) if you can and get your carbs from the dessert.
4. Limit sugary drinks to 1 glass if possible; they are a source of carbs.
5. Eat until you are full.
6. Drink water before your meal and after; it can help determine if you are full or not.
7. Eat a light breakfast on Thanksgiving as you know that you will be eating heavier later.
8. Take a walk after you eat with friends and/or family so you are not sitting around and having the energy you just took in stored as fat.
9. Enjoy your company more than the food; this will help distract you from the food and allow you to really experience the spirit of those you love.

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